Sharpening Woodturning Tools using Tormek

How to sharpen a bowl gouge, spindle gouge and a skew chisel. The Tormek TNT Sharpening system delivers a superior edge on your woodturning gouges and woodturning skews faster and easier than any method available today. The gouge jig and skew jig are easy to set by using the TTS-100 turning tool setter. The finer edge obtained with the Tormek method and the water cooling, which eliminates overheating, make the edge stay sharp longer. You sharpen less and turn more. View more at

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  1. Kalina on November 25th, 2015 9:44 pm

    I ordered a 3000 a few days ago but due to that there darn new years hoadily I have to wait a few more days. I’d racked my brain for months deciding which sharpener to buy, tormek, makita etc etc, they were all a lot more expensive and more complicated to you, then I came across the 3000. looks simple and easy to use, I can’t wait. great vid.

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