Woodturning A Natural Edge Goblet

Here’s a neat 2 part demonstration of turning a natural edge end-grain goblet from a cherry log. He uses a clever home made light stick that fits into the tail stock. This makes it easy to see the thickness of the wood as he hollows out the inside of the goblet.

Part 1

Part 2

Wood turning at Caherconnell Heritage Day

Stuart Fernie exhibits some age old wood turning techniques using a springpole lathe to complete some incredible ornamentation on this candlestick at the Caherconnell Heritage weekend 2011. Very quick video, but its nice to see some old tools at work.

Wood Turning – Chattering Techniques

Wood Turner Brendan Stemp shows you several simple effective chattering techniques with purchased and home made tools. Check out his website at www.brendanstemp.com.au for examples or purchasing his work. He’s also on Facebook

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Woodturner Makes a Rattle

Here’s a neat video where a wood turner uses a bow driven lathe to turn a small baby rattle. He uses one hand to spin the headstock, his other hand and foot to control the cutting tools! The guy uses his feet to turn! Very cool to watch.

Hand Powered Bow Lathe

After several years of demonstrating a foot-powered lathe, in my research I started finding illustrations of much smaller hand-powered lathes, and decided to try to build something similar. Here is a short look at my bow lathe as I turn a small piece of bone.

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Wire Burning

Capneddie is back, this time with a great wire-burning tutorial.  He shows you how to build your own wire-burner with simple materials.  Then he shows you how to apply wire-burning to your project to get the best results.

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