Wood Turning Band Saw Circle Cutter

Here’s a clever jig from Pietro Finocchiaro. This device can be attached to the top of a Band Saw and allows the Woodturner to cut a circle from any block of wood. A pivot point is used to control the radius of the circle which can be adjusted to create different diameters. It’s a bit hard to hear him talk, but the video shows his jig in action. Check it out. It might spark an idea for your own circle cutter

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Pouring Acrylic Blanks In PVC Pipe Molds

Here’s a great video from Clayton on how to pour acrylic pen blanks using PVC pipe. This is a slick idea that makes pen blank pouring much easier. Apparently, the acrylic doesn’t stick. A quick, short rap on you workbench loosens the blank. Since the PVC is round, it makes roughing the pen much easier with less waste. Check it out!

Sharpening and Using A Skew Chisel

Sharpening and Using a skew chisel. In woodturning the skew chisel is a very versetile tool but requires the correct sharpening and use.

Making A Ribbon Pen Blank

Here’s a really cool tutorial on how to cast your own pen blanks in resin. Clayton walks us through the entire process as he creates a unique pen blank. The pigments he uses can be found at: Coastal Scents (Micas and Oxides)

Discussion about his technique can be found at Scroll Saw Village in this thread.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Sharpening Woodturning Tools using Tormek

How to sharpen a bowl gouge, spindle gouge and a skew chisel. The Tormek TNT Sharpening system delivers a superior edge on your woodturning gouges and woodturning skews faster and easier than any method available today. The gouge jig and skew jig are easy to set by using the TTS-100 turning tool setter. The finer edge obtained with the Tormek method and the water cooling, which eliminates overheating, make the edge stay sharp longer. You sharpen less and turn more. View more at www.tormek.com.

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Woodturning Basics

Here’s a monster list of videos. Here is a good overview about woodturning basics by Rex Burningham. He made these videos for ExpertVillage (now eHow). Normally, I don’t like posting ExpertVillage videos because they’re very fragmented and usually out of order. But I thought this was a good series. I tried my best to put them in order. There 26 videos total, but they’re only 2 minutes each.

Wood Turning

Wood Turning: Mini Lathe

Wood Turning: Buying a Lathe

Wood Turning: Lathe Parts

Wood Turning: Manual Lathe

Wood Turning: Tool Steel

Wood Turning: Bowl Gouge

Wood Turning: Scrapers

Wood Turning: Gouges

Wood Turning: Parting Tool

Wood Turning: Skew

Wood Turning: Sharpening Tools

Wood Turning: Diamond Dresser

Wood Turning: Grinding

Wood Turning: Freehand Grinding

Wood Turning: Jigs

Wood Turning: Grinding Method

Wood Turning: Types of Wood

Wood Turning: Green Wood

Wood Turning: Dry Wood

Wood Turning: Exotic Wood

Wood Turning: Safety

Wood Turning: Formula

Wood Turning: Determining Speed

Wood Turning Projects

Wood Turning Craft

Quickly find woodturning blanks, kits & exotic wood easily with Wood Deals Online.

Free Sharpening Template For Your Lathe Tools

Cap’n Eddie has a great gift for  his wood turning friends.  This handy jig lets you remember your angle settings for sharpening your ellsworth, fingernail or spindle gouges.  Quick and easy jig can be made of plexiglass or plywood.  You can get this plan for free, and Cap’n Eddie will tell you how in this video.

Make a Vacuum Chuck Adapter

Capt’n Eddie shows you how to make a vacuum chuck adapter for your lathe.  Mount bowls and balls quickly and easily wiht this jig.  This is a pretty easy project and probably only cost you about $5 and 30 minutes of work.  Not bad, in my book.

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