Pouring Acrylic Blanks In PVC Pipe Molds

Here’s a great video from Clayton on how to pour acrylic pen blanks using PVC pipe. This is a slick idea that makes pen blank pouring much easier. Apparently, the acrylic doesn’t stick. A quick, short rap on you workbench loosens the blank. Since the PVC is round, it makes roughing the pen much easier with less waste. Check it out!

Wood Turning Projects Turning A Maple Box

Here’s another great video by Carl Jacobson. This time he’s turning a maple box with some copper embellishments. Be sure to check out his website at www.thewoodshop.tv for more great videos.

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How to color wood – Woodturning Tips and Techniques

Learn how to color your projects in this woodturning video. Coloring woodturnings is becoming very popular and is found frequently on work at all levels of woodturning. Artisan dyes are pre-mixed alcohol based aniline dyes that offer limitless possibilities for changing the color of a turned piece. Adding color to your work can produce dramatic results, making something ordinary into something extraordinary. It also gives impact to the grain of the wood, and dyed burl can show fabulous figure. Coloring dyes work best on pale woods, and can be used at full strength for maximum effect or diluted for a light wash effect. Color combinations can be used to create harmony or dramatic contrast when used on the inner and outer surfaces of a turning. For further color separation, coloring the rim with a permanent marker or burning the edge will give dramatic contrast between the inside and outside.

Steps To A Mirror Finish

Here is a monster tutorial/demonstration on getting a mirror finish on a salad bowl. This is a 9 part series and all happens in real-time. Admittedly, a bit long. But has some good info.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

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Making A Ribbon Pen Blank

Here’s a really cool tutorial on how to cast your own pen blanks in resin. Clayton walks us through the entire process as he creates a unique pen blank. The pigments he uses can be found at: Coastal Scents (Micas and Oxides)

Discussion about his technique can be found at Scroll Saw Village in this thread.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Prepare Corian For Turning

Cap’n Eddie prepares Corian for turning.  He demonstrates how he quickly makes a pen blank using Corian…you know…the stuff your counter top is made of.  It makes fantastic turnings, and its easy to turn on your lathe.  Plus, he shares where you can find Corian for cheap…ie, free!

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