Classic Woodturning Projects

Here’s a video review for the book Classic Woodturning Projects by Bonnie Kelin.

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Pepe’s leaning vase

Here’s a fun project. Pepe has designed and created an intricate, segmented vase; a spectacle at the US 2008 Woodturning Convention. It leans, but will not fall!

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How to color wood – Woodturning Tips and Techniques

Learn how to color your projects in this woodturning video. Coloring woodturnings is becoming very popular and is found frequently on work at all levels of woodturning. Artisan dyes are pre-mixed alcohol based aniline dyes that offer limitless possibilities for changing the color of a turned piece. Adding color to your work can produce dramatic results, making something ordinary into something extraordinary. It also gives impact to the grain of the wood, and dyed burl can show fabulous figure. Coloring dyes work best on pale woods, and can be used at full strength for maximum effect or diluted for a light wash effect. Color combinations can be used to create harmony or dramatic contrast when used on the inner and outer surfaces of a turning. For further color separation, coloring the rim with a permanent marker or burning the edge will give dramatic contrast between the inside and outside.

Scott Phillips on Woodturning Presented by Woodcraft

A quick video of Scott talking about his favorite types of woods to use. Full blog at – Sign Up Today For Our FREE Woodworking Catalog

Woodturning a Genie Bottle

Here’s a neat project from Dianne. She’s turning a genie bottle from a piece of spalted walnut. The first video mostly talks about her plans with the spalted walnut and how she’s going to incorporate a hole into the design. The second video shows her final result. The last video shows off a few of the genie bottles she’s turned in the past. Pretty cool designs.

The finished piece:

More Genie Bottles Dianne has turned:

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My Old Woodturning Shed

Here’s a quick tour of a woodturner’s workshop. There’s no sound, just a pan and scan. But its still neat to check out someone else’s workspace.

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Egg cup woodturning speed challenge

Sacramento Woodturning chapter challenge. See who can turn an egg cup the fastest. You won’t learn much, but its fun to watch!

Harry Wicks Woodturning

For more information on Harry’s work or woodturning, please visit To contact him, please email Thank you!

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Woodturning with SketchUp

Here’s something a bit different. Here’s a tutorial on woodturning with SketchUp. Pretty clever. If you’re interested, he has a book on the subject available at

Woodturning Bowl Coring Blooper – Kel McNaughton System

Kel McNaughton Centre Saver System. Woodturner cores large maple bowl nearly hitting video operator. For more information on the coring system please visit Thanks for watching! Rosanna Coyne

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