Woodturning by Ron

Here’s a great project slideshow from a wood turner named Ron. He turns a number of large segmented items, but he definitely has a talent for reproducing musical instruments in wood. Very inspiring.

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Woodturners of the World 1

Here’s a neat video put together by Eduardo. Its a simple slideshow of different turnings by artists all over the world. You’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Flame Vase

Here’s a neat video showing off Paul Stafford’s recent woodturning project. It’s a mix of woodturning and carving that produced a very unique vase. Be sure to check out his other work on his website Woodturner-Gallery.com

Pepe’s leaning vase

Here’s a fun project. Pepe has designed and created an intricate, segmented vase; a spectacle at the US 2008 Woodturning Convention. It leans, but will not fall!

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Woodturning 2008 – by Søren LF

Here is a nice project slide show from Soren from 2008. Very inspiring!

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Thomas McCormick’s Turned Wood Art

Here’s a video showing the process of wood turning and carving that Tom’s work goes through- from coarse wood stock to beautiful sculpted form. It also includes a slideshow of various pieces of his turned art.

Woodturning Celtic Style

Here’s a nice project slideshow by Keith Bertis from Magic Woodworks. You can find more of his turnings at http://www.magicwoodworks.com/

Woodturning a Genie Bottle

Here’s a neat project from Dianne. She’s turning a genie bottle from a piece of spalted walnut. The first video mostly talks about her plans with the spalted walnut and how she’s going to incorporate a hole into the design. The second video shows her final result. The last video shows off a few of the genie bottles she’s turned in the past. Pretty cool designs.

The finished piece:

More Genie Bottles Dianne has turned:

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Greenwood Turnings – What is Woodturning?

What does it take to turn wood? What does it look like when we do it? Magnificent works of art can be created by woodturning, and each piece is unique. Come check out our website at greenwoodturnings.com and check out our gallery of hand crafted art.

segmented and solid wood turning by Neil Davis

the early works of Neil Davis, various wood sculptures from solid wood and segmented or poly chromatic wood

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