Maple Saturn Box

Here’s a neat project from Carl Jacobson. He’s turning a unique box he’s calling his Saturn Box.  With its characteristic ring, this will certainly be a conversation piece.  Check it out.  Once you’re done, be sure to stop by his website at for more great videos and tips.

Wooden Bracelet

Turning a wooden bracelet is a quick project that can use up some scrap wood. Here, Deoje362 turns a wooden bracelet for his wife. So keep this project in your back project the next time you’re in the dog house. ;)

Pouring Acrylic Blanks In PVC Pipe Molds

Here’s a great video from Clayton on how to pour acrylic pen blanks using PVC pipe. This is a slick idea that makes pen blank pouring much easier. Apparently, the acrylic doesn’t stick. A quick, short rap on you workbench loosens the blank. Since the PVC is round, it makes roughing the pen much easier with less waste. Check it out!

How to Make a Peppermill

Here’s a great video series from Same Pane on how to turn a pepper mill from maple.  As a time-saving technique, he uses baseball bat blanks.  Great video.  When you’re done, be sure to check out his website.

Turning A Simple Top

Here’s a quick tutorial from Rick at  He shows how he makes a quick, and simple top.  Be sure to check out his website for other videos too.

Barry Gross’ Techniques for Turning An Acrylic Pen

Here is a great two part video series from Barry Gross. You’ll learn tips & techniques for preparing, turning and finishing an acrylic pen. Barry uses a Gatsby Pen Kit and Mica Pearl Indian Princess Pen Blank from Penn State Industries to create a striking finished acrylic pen. In Part 2: Turning & Finishing, Barry gives you tips to successfully turn & finish an acrylic pen including his anchor bevel cut technique.

Wood Egg Box

Here’s a video demonstration of a father and son working together to turn an egg box from a plum log.  Just in time for Easter!

Birch Candle Stand

Here’s a neat video demonstration where the turner turns a birch log into an rustic candle stand. It goes to show you that you don’t need a mirror polish to create amazing work. – Sign Up Today For Our FREE Woodworking Catalog

Icicle Christmas Ornament

Here’s a neat 4 part video, just in time for Christmas. Darrell from Around The Woods demonstrates how to turn an icicle ornament for the Christmas tree. This quick and easy project will delight young and old alike.

Woodturning A Natural Edge Goblet

Here’s a neat 2 part demonstration of turning a natural edge end-grain goblet from a cherry log. He uses a clever home made light stick that fits into the tail stock. This makes it easy to see the thickness of the wood as he hollows out the inside of the goblet.

Part 1

Part 2

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