Woodturning A Natural Edge Goblet

Here’s a neat 2 part demonstration of turning a natural edge end-grain goblet from a cherry log. He uses a clever home made light stick that fits into the tail stock. This makes it easy to see the thickness of the wood as he hollows out the inside of the goblet.

Part 1

Part 2

Off Center Woodturning

Here is a nice short video of Eduardo turning an off center cup. There is no instruction, but it sure is fun to watch. Be sure to check out Eduardo’s website to see some more of his work.

Unusual Stemed Goblet

Antti Sorvamaa demonstrates how to turn a very unusual goblet using multiple turning axises.  The results is a very cool looking goblet.  After you’re done checking out this video, stop by his website and look around.  He has a lot of cool projects in his gallery.

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