Pouring Acrylic Blanks In PVC Pipe Molds

Here’s a great video from Clayton on how to pour acrylic pen blanks using PVC pipe. This is a slick idea that makes pen blank pouring much easier. Apparently, the acrylic doesn’t stick. A quick, short rap on you workbench loosens the blank. Since the PVC is round, it makes roughing the pen much easier with less waste. Check it out!

Barry Gross’ Techniques for Turning An Acrylic Pen

Here is a great two part video series from Barry Gross. You’ll learn tips & techniques for preparing, turning and finishing an acrylic pen. Barry uses a Gatsby Pen Kit and Mica Pearl Indian Princess Pen Blank from Penn State Industries to create a striking finished acrylic pen. In Part 2: Turning & Finishing, Barry gives you tips to successfully turn & finish an acrylic pen including his anchor bevel cut technique.

Woodturning Pen In Under 4 Minutes

Here’s a quick demonstration. In fact, under 4 minutes. Turning a designer pen from tulipwood in under 4 minutes. Sanding with P320, P400, P600, P800.

Making A Ribbon Pen Blank

Here’s a really cool tutorial on how to cast your own pen blanks in resin. Clayton walks us through the entire process as he creates a unique pen blank. The pigments he uses can be found at: Coastal Scents (Micas and Oxides)

Discussion about his technique can be found at Scroll Saw Village in this thread.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Slimline Pen

Here’s a demonstration by Sam Pane on how to make a slimline style pen on the lathe. He shows you the basic process without over-complicating the project. A quick and easy pen. No fuss, no muss.

Bullet Pens

Here’s a great video from Sam Pane.  While you won’t be using your chisels for this project, the lathe is definately useful for finishing off this amazing bullet pen.  Check out  your local gun range and start collecting 30-6 and 308 bullet casings.  When you’re done, return to the gun range and you have some built-in customers!

Turning A Slimline Pen – Beginning To End

Here’s an amazing tutorial on how to turn a slimline pen on your mini lathe.  John Rob takes you through the entire process in this 9 part video.  Very detailed and informative.  Definitely check this out if you’re new to pen turning or curious about how it is done.

Penn State Industries Pen Turning

This is mostly a sales pitch by Penn State Industries, but it is fun to watch.  Be sure to grab their free catalog.  They have a lot of great pen kits, wood, and other cool projects for your mini lathe.

Pen Turning With Rockler Woodworking

Rockler Woodworking shows you how easy it is to turn your own pens.  They use mostly their own products, but the process remains the same.  Rockler has a nice selection of pen and small turning projects at pretty reasonable prices.  Be sure to check out what they have to offer.

12 Cent Pen Kit

If 2 bits is 25 cents, is 1 bit 12 cents?  If so, here’s a pen kit that only costs one bit.  Capt’n Eddy shows us how to turn a pen using a Bic pen insert.  Quick, easy, and best of all….cheap!  They make a great gift, too.

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