Turning A Simple Top

Here’s a quick tutorial from Rick at www.scrollsaws.com.  He shows how he makes a quick, and simple top.  Be sure to check out his website for other videos too.

Making A Spin Top On The Lathe

Carl Jacobson (www.thewoodshop.tv) turns a Spin Top from some maple. He goes through the entire process, showing each step of the way. This quick and easy project would delight the kid in you.

Woodturner Makes a Rattle

Here’s a neat video where a wood turner uses a bow driven lathe to turn a small baby rattle. He uses one hand to spin the headstock, his other hand and foot to control the cutting tools! The guy uses his feet to turn! Very cool to watch.

wood turning a spintop by Philippe

Phillipe is a wood turner; he lives in France near Mâcon.He is an expert in wood turning spintops with over 50 original creations.Here it’s a finger top made of beech wood

Turning a Ball & Cup Toy

Here’s a fun project by Bob Hamilton. This 6 part video shows you how to turn a ball and cup toy on the lathe. This would be a great project for the little ones in your life who need to be unplugged from their videogames. This is a video demonstration of the article he wrote on his website.

Quick Spinning Top

Here’s a quick video where WoodturnerTroms turns a spinning top even quicker.  He’s able to knock these fun little toys out in no-time.

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