Quick Egg Cup

Here’s a quick video just in time for Easter.  The video is short, no sound, and he doesn’t complete the egg cup, but it’s still fun to watch.  Posted by YouTube member TheWoodturner100.

Wagner Texturing Tool

Here’s a cool texturing tool available from WoodTurner’s Catalog.  The Wager Texturing Tool will add really neat textures to your woodturning projects.  Here is a great demonstration/tutorial on how to use the tool to create unique textures.

Also included is a video from the tool developer himself, Joe Wagner.  In this video, Joe shows  how to use his texturing tool to add texture to a birdhouse Christmas ornament.  He demonstrates a technique that allows him to keep a consistent texture across his entire workpiece.

Wire Burning

Capneddie is back, this time with a great wire-burning tutorial.  He shows you how to build your own wire-burner with simple materials.  Then he shows you how to apply wire-burning to your project to get the best results.

Basic Bottle Stopper

Here’s a great video from Sam Pane on turning a bottle stopper. This video keeps the beginner in mind as he describes each step. The design is simple and before long, you’ll have a beautiful bottle stopper for your favorite bottle of wine.

Bullet Pens

Here’s a great video from Sam Pane.  While you won’t be using your chisels for this project, the lathe is definately useful for finishing off this amazing bullet pen.  Check out  your local gun range and start collecting 30-6 and 308 bullet casings.  When you’re done, return to the gun range and you have some built-in customers!

Segmented Bowl Tutorial

Here’s a thorough tutorial on making a simple segmented bowl. Parts are a bit hard to hear, but it has a lot of good info (and fun to watch). It is produced by the Northwest Indiana Woodworkers Association and demonstrated by Max Hernick.

Turning a Ball & Cup Toy

Here’s a fun project by Bob Hamilton. This 6 part video shows you how to turn a ball and cup toy on the lathe. This would be a great project for the little ones in your life who need to be unplugged from their videogames. This is a video demonstration of the article he wrote on his website.

Wire Inlayed Bowl

This tutorial, Tony Barfoot inlays some wire into the rim of a turned bowl. This clever technique will add a touch of sparkle to your next bowl-turning project.

Acrylic Window Bowl

Here’s a 5 part series by Tony Barfoot on YouTube. He turns a bowl with an acrylic window for a tealight candle. Beautiful turning and a clever idea for adding a bit of style to your next turning. Its a long series, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Turning a Natural Edge Bowl

Here’s a great two-part video demonstration from Synergy blog on how to turn a natural edge bowl.    This bowl was turned from spalted sweetgum.  The end result is absolutely stunning!

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