Prepare Corian For Turning

Cap’n Eddie prepares Corian for turning.  He demonstrates how he quickly makes a pen blank using Corian…you know…the stuff your counter top is made of.  It makes fantastic turnings, and its easy to turn on your lathe.  Plus, he shares where you can find Corian for cheap…ie, free!

Turning A Square Bowl

Turning square bowls doesn’t sound right when you’re working with a lathe.  Cap’n Eddie demonstrates how to turn a squarish looking bowl.  This clever contemporary design is simple and elegant.

Easy Skew Sharpening

Cap’n Eddie shares his skew sharpening techniques in this video.  He keeps it nice and simple that will give you the results you’re looking for.  So give this a try before your next wood turning project and see how it works for you!

Free Sharpening Template For Your Lathe Tools

Cap’n Eddie has a great gift for  his wood turning friends.  This handy jig lets you remember your angle settings for sharpening your ellsworth, fingernail or spindle gouges.  Quick and easy jig can be made of plexiglass or plywood.  You can get this plan for free, and Cap’n Eddie will tell you how in this video.

Make a Vacuum Chuck Adapter

Capt’n Eddie shows you how to make a vacuum chuck adapter for your lathe.  Mount bowls and balls quickly and easily wiht this jig.  This is a pretty easy project and probably only cost you about $5 and 30 minutes of work.  Not bad, in my book.

Capt’n Eddie’s Slideshow

Here is a nice slideshow of finished wood turning projects created by Capt’n Eddie.  It includes bowls, bottle stoppers, vessels, coasters, bracelets, tops, and sculptural projects.  Neat and inspiring video.  Perhaps it will spark an idea or two for your own projects.

12 Cent Pen Kit

If 2 bits is 25 cents, is 1 bit 12 cents?  If so, here’s a pen kit that only costs one bit.  Capt’n Eddy shows us how to turn a pen using a Bic pen insert.  Quick, easy, and best of all….cheap!  They make a great gift, too.

Coin Inlayed Bottle Stopper

Here’s a neat video where Cap’n Eddie inlays a coin into a bottle stopper. He first turns the stopper on his lathe, then roughs in the coin inlay. Quickly and easily, he has a very unique bottle stopper. He also shows us how to inlay a pick guard for a very unique look.

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