Turning an Egg cup

Here’s a nice demonstration by Philip Greenwood on how to turn an egg cup. There’s no sound, but you get a very nice view on him using the tools to turn this quick project.

Woodturning Pen In Under 4 Minutes

Here’s a quick demonstration. In fact, under 4 minutes. Turning a designer pen from tulipwood in under 4 minutes. Sanding with P320, P400, P600, P800.

Woodturning a Pepper Mill

Here’s a demonstration of M. Donaldson turning a peper mill. There’s not much in the way of turning, but you’ll see him finish off the peper mill and show off the final product.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Wood Turning – Chattering Techniques

Wood Turner Brendan Stemp shows you several simple effective chattering techniques with purchased and home made tools. Check out his website at www.brendanstemp.com.au for examples or purchasing his work. He’s also on Facebook

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Woodturning a toothpick holder

Here is a video demonstration of turning a toothpick holder. Very clever little project. There isn’t much instruction, but the video is fun to watch.

Woodturning a Genie Bottle

Here’s a neat project from Dianne. She’s turning a genie bottle from a piece of spalted walnut. The first video mostly talks about her plans with the spalted walnut and how she’s going to incorporate a hole into the design. The second video shows her final result. The last video shows off a few of the genie bottles she’s turned in the past. Pretty cool designs.

The finished piece:

More Genie Bottles Dianne has turned:

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Turning Wooden Flowers On A Lathe

Here’s a really neat and unique project. Stuart King turns wooden flowers on a lathe using simple tools. Visit www.stuartking.co.uk to read articles about woodturning and tarditional crafts.

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Making A Ribbon Pen Blank

Here’s a really cool tutorial on how to cast your own pen blanks in resin. Clayton walks us through the entire process as he creates a unique pen blank. The pigments he uses can be found at: Coastal Scents (Micas and Oxides)

Discussion about his technique can be found at Scroll Saw Village in this thread.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Hummingbird Feeder Project

Carl Jacobson (thewoodshop.tv) turns a Humming Bird feeder. He uses a pin chuck to secure his workpiece. Carl takes you from start to finish with a ruff piece of wood to your sanded and finished project with beeswax and mineral oil for a superb finish. He even throws in a safety tip!

Making A Spin Top On The Lathe

Carl Jacobson (www.thewoodshop.tv) turns a Spin Top from some maple. He goes through the entire process, showing each step of the way. This quick and easy project would delight the kid in you.

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